Mama OWL Blog: E's First Gymnastics Competition

E's First Gymnastics Competition

Thursday, 3 March 2016

As a parent, your job is to love, nurture and encourage your children throughout their childhood, to support them in whatever way you can, going above and beyond to ensure that they have everything they could ever want or need. This also includes Sunday mornings when it's freezing/raining/blowing a gale/all of the above outside and all you want to do is hide under the duvet with a coffee and a bacon sandwich. If you're a parent of a child who takes part in sport - this is something you will understand all too well.

This past Sunday three of our five children had sporting events to attend - a cup match at Football for J, an away Rugby match for H, & E's very first Gymnastics competition.

The Mister headed off to stand in a cold, muddy field with H first thing and I took E along to her gym and signed her in, ready for the floor and vault comp. She'd got up early and we had attempted to get her very fine hair which is about a thousand different lengths into something resembling a french plait twisted around the crown of her head and pinned into place so it was neat and tidy and most importantly, out of her face.

I convinced her to eat some breakfast but she was very anxious and only managed half, before we got her into her leotard with her joggers and club jacket on over the top to keep her warm. We arrived shortly after 10am and then waited patiently with the other parents from our category  ('6-8 years, 2 hours a week') to be called down to the hall. E's category began a little late, just after 12pm, starting with the vault before moving on to their floor routine. The vault is something she has struggled with when taking off with one foot, she is too hard on herself and then she gets cross and overthinks it, but on the day she nailed it both times and was visibly (& rightly) pleased with herself afterwards.

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I was too far away to record her on the floor but I sat and watched with bated breath as she moved through each part of her routine, hesitating only one or twice as she carefully completed it, finishing with a bridge in to a kickover before presenting to the judges. I was so proud I could have burst! Seeing her and her mini squad friends in the corner lining up for their presentation, half the age and size of the other girls, and all of them doing so well just made me beam with pride - they were just fantastic and all so brave.

As each name was called during the presentation E stood & waited patiently, clapping for the other gymnasts, before walking to the podium to receive her GOLD medal - she won! Her face was a picture, she had been stood cross armed just before her name was called, thinking she hadn't won anything because the others had all been called forward before realising that that was because she had won the gold. She was over the moon!

During her floor routine

E with her gold medal

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She always works so hard and I love to see her grow in confidence, now she has competed in-house she knows more about how it works and what she has to do and has really enjoyed the experience. I was keen for her to remember that she is meant to enjoy it, and that it should be fun for her and I think she took that on board. I'm looking forward to sharing many more of these moments with her and watching her progress.

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  1. Wow, well done to E! My daughter is the same as E and is also a little gymnast here in Cornwall. But it's weird because they only allow the 6-year-olds + to do competitions. Although T has already been singled out and is being trained to do competitions when she's older? Is it different then for other clubs then? I think I'd be a nervous wreck watching her compete ;) #loudnproud.

  2. Well done E! What an amazing achievement! You must have been so proud. I felt a little tearful reading this.

  3. Aww well done E! She clearly did brilliantly and worked really hard! #SSAmazingAchievements

  4. Yay! Congrats to E - what an amazing accomplishment! It must be so rewarding to watch her progress & confidence grow! Thanks so much for joining us for blogger club uk x

  5. Wow well done! What an accomplishment she looks (and should) so proud of herself! My daughter is also doing gymnastics although she's in the youngest class at the moment and hasn't competed before. I would love to see her in her first competition though. #lovelythings

  6. GOLD! Well done E, love the photo of her. What a fantastic placing for her first competition. I bet you were all proud of your superstar.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  7. Oh what a lovely and proud moment for you and your daughter. I love that beaming photo of her and I bet you will keep it forever :) Thanks for linking up to #lovelythings


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