Mama OWL Blog: A Celebration of the 'Every Day' | #LoudnProud

A Celebration of the 'Every Day' | #LoudnProud

Thursday, 5 May 2016

You know those days where you have all of your shit together and everything goes well and you're on top of everything?

No, me neither.

Well sometimes. But not nearly often enough. Certainly not as much as I would like. I was under the (mistaken) impression that as your children get older, they need you less and you are more able to get things done and have some time for yourself. If anything I find that entire weeks go by and I haven't seen or spoken to a single one of my friends, I'm in and out of the house to various clubs, sports, events, appointments, meetings, parents evenings (and so on and so on) and if I make it to the gym or Project 6 Pack it's nothing short of a miracle. Oh - and how is it May already? What next? June?

The past couple of months have been so busy and chaotic. We are fast approaching the end of the 6th Form for A who will sit her final exams next month before heading off on her merry way to university in September. J is hurtling towards the beginning of Y11 and final GCSE preparation (in actual fact, he's sitting his final PE BTEC exam today - good luck kiddo). L has finally had an appointment at the hospital to see another specialist about his legs and has physio starting next week. H & E are the ones that keep me heading back and forth to various sporting activities but at least I get to drink coffee and give my brain a rest during the hour or two that they're busy.

So today it's my turn to host #LoudnProud, and I could share the amazing things that my kids have done recently. And I will. Just not today. Today it's about me. Today I got up and got dressed (admittedly only like ten minutes ago - strive for progress not perfection) and I got on with everything I had to do. Yes, I'm tired. My hair needs washing, or at the very least, brushing. BUT - My kids are clean, tidy, fed & watered and got to school on time with everything that they needed. Except L because he refused to take the appropriate footwear for PE, but I tried. I have no dirty laundry with the exception of what I & the kids have on today. The house is pretty tidy. The kids have been to all of their clubs and after school activities, on time with the correct kit. All the bills are up together. I've managed to work out every day this week so far. I've done the majority of this by myself because the Mister has been super busy at work all day every day (every evening, every weekend...). I'm doing a good job, so well done me. The Mister is too - well done him.

I want you to share your #LoudnProud moments. Anything and everything. School and sporting achievements. Weight loss and fitness goals. If you managed to get up and show up when you would have rather done anything but - then bloody well done. We get it, and we want to hear about it. Post it below.

Mama Owl


  1. Well done you, indeed! I totally know where you're coming from. Life with big kids is relentless. 102 minutes driving the mum taxi the other day - and I never actually go more than 3 miles away from home! I also realised that the only adult I ever speak to who isn't related to me is a mum from ballet. Friends? Who has time for those?!

    1. It really is, I thought parenting little ones was hard work - how little I knew haha! It's been a steep learning curve that's for sure!

  2. Getting everything you needed to do done is always a satisfying feeling. I was hoping it would be less hectic once the kids got older but clearly that's not the case! Well done for managing to have a productive morning though and thanks for hosting #LoudnProud

    1. I always thought that that would be the case Louise but I have been well and truly schooled, it is non-stop and 100mph. Amazing, yes, but exhausting!


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