Mama OWL Blog: E turns 6 | Celebrating in style with a Gymnastics themed Birthday Party

E turns 6 | Celebrating in style with a Gymnastics themed Birthday Party

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Our house has been a flurry of activity lately, not least because of a certain young lady's 6th birthday at the end of last month. Last year for her very first proper birthday party we celebrated with a fabulous Frozen themed party with her chums from school (I think just about everyone had a Frozen party last year!) and so this year we needed to think of something new. E being a keen gymnast quickly decided on a gymnastics party at her club so we booked it up and we started to look for partyware, decorations and party favours to match her chosen theme. Unfortunately, we didn't manage to find any gymnastics designs in the UK and so decided on a turquoise & yellow colour scheme instead, creating her invitation to match and selecting gorgeous chevron designs from Party Delights who sent us items from their Dots & Chevons Party Supplies range.

E invited 15 of her friends from school and gymnastics and her club set up a course around the gym for the kids to follow, separating them off into two groups and having fun on the beams, bars, double mini as well as using the floor, trampoline and other apparatus. Upstairs at the gymnastics club they have a large party room which I set up during E's usual Saturday squad training - usually the club do this for you but as I was there anyway and they were short-staffed I offered to do it myself (and this way I could do it exactly how I wanted, too!). Jugs of squash are also included in the party price.

We catered the party ourselves with a small buffet consisting of ham & cheese rolls, various flavours of crisps, cheese savouries, cocktail sausages, mini pizzas, popcorn chicken, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, mini breadsticks, and cheese - and there would have been vegetable crudités had I not left them at home in the fridge that morning! For dessert there were raspberry mini rolls, party rings, popcorn, and brownie bites, and again there would have been strawberries if I had remembered to bring them with me!

E was delighted with the party room set up - using yellow, white and blue balloons from Party Delights (£2.49 for a pack of 10) my mum created beautiful floating decorations which we set up around the room, and brought along a big '6' balloon to go behind E's chair. The table was laid with yellow chevron plates with matching cups, and turquoise chevron napkins, to complement the bright turquoise and yellow table covers and matching food platters on the buffet and cake tables. The serving platters are made from a durable plastic and will be able to be used again & again, and at £2.99 for a 3-pack I think they are great value for money. Likewise the plastic table covers are large (1.4m x 2.8m) and we have folded them up to save them to use again another time.

I decided against making a big cake for her party and instead made plain vanilla cupcakes in bright yellow cases topped with turquoise buttercream icing, and decorated with white fondant discs with rice paper gymnastics pictures on the top. I popped them all into small individual plastic containers ready for E to hand out at the end of her party. Her actual birthday wasn't until the following Wednesday so we saved the proper cake until then - I made her a three layer vanilla sponge cake filled with buttercream and decorated with a little fondant gymnast on the top, complete with sparkly blue leotard!

Instead of party bags we opted to hand out party favours, having chosen some beautiful rhythmic gymnastics blue ribbons on dowelling rods, raspberry flavoured blue & white swirl lollipops and a winners medal for each child, along with their birthday cupcake.

Her party was a great success and everyone had lots of fun, E really enjoyed sharing her favourite hobby with her friends and was suitably exhausted by the end of the day! She received lots of lovely cards and gifts from her friends and loved spending the afternoon with her friends. On her actual birthday we had a family meal at the venue of E's choice (Frankie & Benny's) just the seven of us, before coming home and having cake. It was definitely a birthday to remember - thank you to everyone who made it special for her.

We received complimentary partyware from Party Delights for review purposes. All words are our own.
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  1. Aww! What a wonderful party!
    I love the idea of the party favours instead of party bags x

  2. How is E SIX?! Goodness, time flies.
    I love the party ware and Gymnast party looks like so much fun. I love the part favours too, great idea. Cake is amazing, as always :D Yum! xx

  3. Looks like such a fab birthday party! #BestandWorst

  4. What a lovely theme and I really like your party favours, great idea! Thanks for linking up #bestandworst

  5. We're in the process of sorting out BB's 5th birthday party - unsurprisingly she wants another Frozen party... #bestandworst


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