Mama OWL Blog: Our Top 5 Favourite Things about a Mark Warner Holiday | #ShepsGoToLaki

Our Top 5 Favourite Things about a Mark Warner Holiday | #ShepsGoToLaki

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

October feels like a lifetime ago, a week spent with my family enjoying the sun, sea & sand and having a much needed and well deserved break. Having had some time to reflect on our experience of Lakitira Beach Resort in Kos, I wanted to share our family's top five favourite things about our Mark Warner holiday, after our first impressions.

The top of my list, and absolutely the most important. There is something for everyone at a Mark Warner resort, it is a proper holiday for the whole family - all ages (especially teenagers who are often overlooked in terms of activities & childcare provision), special needs, kids and parents/adults, it is a fully inclusive holiday experience for all.

As a family we all have our own separate interests, and Mark Warner catered well to each of us. I enjoy fitness and working out and with a daily programme of classes on resort, I was able to dip in and out as I pleased (fitness classes are available at all MW resorts - you can also read about my experience at San Lucianu in Corsica) and not fall out of step with my health and fitness regime even when I was away.

The children loved the watersports, especially the teenagers and they had a wonderful time learning new skills and making new friends out on the water. It was about more than just keeping them busy while we were away, it helped build their confidence & I was so proud to watch them throwing themselves into the experience.
Mark Warner childcare is second to none, and aside from a small list of essentials that the kids need for their day at club everything is provided for them and included in the price of your holiday.

With me and the kids all sorted, you might wonder what the Mister did to keep himself occupied when the rest of us were all off sailing or keeping fit. At San Lu he took part in several games of Volleyball & Football, as well as the odd game of ping-pong with fellow guests and resort staff, though having had a recent shoulder op before our visit to Lakitira he was restricted solely to the evening game of MW staff vs guests Football.

Managing five children on a daily basis is no mean feat. At home they each have various activities, sports and commitments that requires me to keep them to timetable and make sure that they get from A to B on time, that they don't miss appointments, etc. When we go on holiday, I want everything done for me. I want a week of having to do and remember pretty much nothing. Mark Warner do it all, transfers from airport to resort (and back again), childcare included that you can choose when and if you want to use (including evenings if you want a quiet dinner with your partner), all meals (depending on board basis), entertainment, and all at a pace that suits me. I haven't had to arrange extras, and everything is available for us to use as and when we please.

Lakitira has a very short transfer time from airport to resort, and is flanked by two beaches, the smaller of the two generally reserved for the kids and the larger one the base for the watersports. It is very enclosed and quiet, and felt safe and secure and though it is away from the hustle and bustle, it's just a short journey into town if you do choose to venture out.

Mark Warner Holidays enable you to 'build' a package that suits you. From childcare to sports and activities, board basis, and off-resort excursions, you are able to fit your holiday to your own personal budget. Taking five children away meant upgrading to full board at Lakitira was an obvious choice for us, and we then only had to pay for drinks, bar snacks & ice creams at the end of our stay (we did this at San Lucianu also). Childcare is included in the price of your holiday (with the exception of very young babies and children), and even special needs provision is available at no extra cost, although it must be booked in advance and over the telephone. Most sports and activities on resort are also included in the price of your holiday, with others - such as cycling/bike hire, tennis coaching, and sailing courses - available at a small extra cost.

Mark Warner Holidays provided flights and half board accommodation for five people as part of the #MarkWarnerMum 2015 Ambassadorship. All opinions and words are my own.


  1. Looks like you had an absoultely fabulous time? Warner's option to 'build' a package that suits you is brilliant.

  2. Great post! My husband and I went from package holiday haters to lovers of Mark Warner once we had 3 kids in tow and didn't look back. We particularly loved the refreshingly uninterrupted conversations by the pool when the kids were busy with all their various activities.... AND I learned how to sail. Great times!

  3. Sounds perfect with kids of different ages with all the activities available so everyone happy. We have gone to a few Thomson Holiday villages which have been wonderful


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