Mama OWL Blog: Celebrating Sporting Achievements | #LoudnProud - 200616

Celebrating Sporting Achievements | #LoudnProud - 200616

Thursday, 16 June 2016

The past couple of months have been exceptionally busy for us in terms of sporting achievements. With 4 out of 5 of my children heavily involved in various sports (while the eldest is nose deep in revision for her final A-level exams) we are out & about almost every day during the week and as the seasons for Rugby and Football have ended, we have also celebrated presentation day awards. There's been so much going on I don't really know where to start, so here is a round up of what 3/5 of the kids have been up to.

Firstly back in April, E was delighted to move up to recreational badge 5 at gymnastics after working hard to complete all of her badge work during her weekday class, which she has continued in addition to her weekend mini squad development training sessions where she is working towards national grading. She always works so hard and it's wonderful to see her efforts paying off as she perfects new moves. She's a little star.

Later on in April (after E's birthday celebrations) was the annual local large schools swimming gala which H was taking part in for the third year in a row. This year he competed in the Y5/6 (with him actually being the only Y5!) 25m front crawl and 50m freestyle races, winning third place in both in nail biting finishes (I managed to scream myself hoarse yet again this year, cheering him on from the spectators area). He is such a fantastic swimmer, he never ceases to amaze me with his power and speed and he's already committed himself and signed up to take part again next year, in what will (sadly!) be his final primary school swimming gala before he heads off to senior school.

In May, H's U10 rugby team finished their season after playing their final matches on the stadium pitch at Bath Rugby's Rec. It's been a great season and I have loved watching the children progress and improve their skills over the year. Although I am clearly biased I have been so proud of how H has improved this season, increasing in confidence and he seems to have really 'got it' this year. I'm excited to see them all move up to U11s in September, I think each and every one of them have done themselves and their club proud. H was delighted to be awarded the 'Most Improved Player' trophy from the four coaches, and I think it will really spur him on & inspire him to do even better next year.

And last but by no means least, J and all of his U15 teammates have had an absolute barnstormer of a season topped off with winning the league, and last weekend they celebrated all of their hard work with a presentation day whole team outing at FootGolf, where they all received their trophies from the Mister and his co-manager, Chris.

On the days where the running around seems endless, the pile of muddy, wet kit and towels seems higher than usual, and you're chilled right through to your bones after a particularly cold match standing out on the touchline (or sweating through everything poolside) - moments like these at the end, when all of their hard work pays off and all of the time you have poured into making sure that they are having fun, keeping fit and enjoying their chosen sports has so clearly been worth it, it just makes it all worthwhile. To see their daft grinning faces holding up their trophy or certificate, to see them laughing and smiling with their friends as they celebrate their wins and pat each other on the back, looking forward to the next season or competition, it reminds you why you do it. These moments, friendships and memories will stay with them forever.

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Mama Owl


  1. Well done to all of them! My son is a total sport phobe and certainly doesn't take after my side of the family. He's currently trying to boycott next weeks Sports Day :( #loudnproud

  2. Very well done to all of them! Look at all those trophies! No wonder you're proud. And well done to the Mister too - it's not easy managing a kids' football team!

  3. A very sporting family and some great achievements. There is nothing like a medal or a trophy to cap the moment. My eldest teenager is a sporting fanatic and his shelves are bowing with both, my daughter has been desperate for her first medal and finally got one this week. Thanks for hosting. #loudnproud

  4. Busy times! But so great that the celebrations are spread out among all the kids so they can share the glory. :-)

  5. Aww that's fab. Way to go, what great achievements xx


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