Saturday, 9 July 2016

Education & Support during Pregnancy and beyond from The Daisy Foundation

Whether you are expecting your first or your fifth baby, pregnancy can be an emotional and overwhelming experience. As a mother of five I know that advice and information can change enormously over time - for example some things recommended during my first pregnancy in 1998 were no longer recommended in 2010 when I had my youngest - and so finding good sources of unbiased education and support is very important. The Daisy Foundation offers expectant and new parents a community of friendship, support & information with a range of classes & workshops around the United Kingdom.

The Daisy Foundation visited The Baby Show at Birmingham NEC in May this year, offering workshops to visitors to the show. My sister Emily is expecting her fourth daughter in September this year and was delighted to be offered the opportunity to sample one of their classes. With workshops based on pregnancy, birthing, and baby care as well as relaxation methods, yoga and baby massage, Emily opted to attend the Sleep Workshop as she could then apply it to her older three children in order to build a good routine for the whole family, especially when the new baby arrives. Emily enjoyed the Sleep Workshop, finding that the teacher was friendly and informative, providing all of the attendees with information and advice for encouraging good sleeping habits and safe sleeping. Emily thinks that the workshop would be particularly useful for first time parents, and enjoyed the opportunity to find out the latest advice being offered.

To find your nearest class or workshop please visit The Daisy Foundation website, or you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook for all of the latest news and information.

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