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Creating a Wall Gallery - Printing Your Photos at Home

Friday, 3 February 2017

Taking a million photographs, and then never getting them printed... Sound familiar?
I'm pretty sure that I am not the only one guilty of it. So many of our family memories are purely digital, all stored online for that 'one day' that I will get them printed and framed and up on the wall, or into albums for future enjoyment. My parents have several of these old brown eighties style albums with pictures of me and my older sisters when we were small - family holidays in the Canary Islands, childhood memories of climbing trees, Christmases with our late Grandparents... I love to sit and look through them, because to be honest these days I struggle to remember what I did last week never mind what I did when I was seven and having these albums to look at brings it all back as if it was yesterday (actually, we'll say 'this morning' because sometimes I also forget what I did yesterday... or where I put my keys... or anything my husband says that is related to work or football, though that is often on purpose).
We have recently redecorated our living room and I decided to create a wall gallery in a bid to actually get some of our photos off the computer and up on the wall for us and visitors to our home to enjoy. I purchased some new photo frames in various different designs - including collage style, and single photo - and colours to match our new décor. Getting photos printed can be costly and time-consuming particularly if you order online and then have to wait (and pay) for delivery, and the all-in-one Epson XP-960 printer has turned out to be the perfect solution to finally getting our favourite images off of Facebook and framed to fill those blank spaces on the wall.
The Epson XP-960 boasts impressive specs with the ability to produce HD-quality prints using Epson’s six-colour Claria Photo HD Ink, for 'superior quality and long-lasting photographs'. It's a nice compact machine too (though heavy, so go careful when taking it out of the box), despite being able to print sizes up to A3, and it's easy and convenient to use with the ability to switch between photo and A4-sized prints with two front-loading paper trays. Printing onto thicker media is also made possible with the rear speciality media feed, as is printing directly onto suitable CDs/DVDs.
I installed the software using the CD provided and followed the simple step-by-step instructions to get everything set up ready to use. It's possible to download the software from the website if you don't have a disc drive, as well as an option to download the iPrint app to a range of devices including your smartphone or tablet for wireless printing and scanning. You can print from anywhere in the world simply by emailing documents and photos directly to the printer using Epson Email Print, and if you download the Creative Print app you can access Facebook photos to create custom greeting cards and stationery, and turn photos into colouring book templates.

It can look a little daunting at first, with its interactive LCD touch-screen and motorised control panel & output tray, but it is actually quite easy to navigate as everything is step-by-step and instructions on-screen are all very clear and simple.

We have been lucky enough to have enjoyed some amazing trips in the past few years including New York, Paris, and Australia as well as Corsica and Greece, and I have hundreds of photos that I wanted to print and frame but never got around to it. I bought a three-photo frame for 7x5 sized prints to go on my wall and knew exactly what pictures I was going to choose - one of me and the Mister at Cleland Wildlife Park in Adelaide with a koala, one of all seven of us together standing at the bottom of the Eiffel Tower, and the last one is of me and the Mister standing at the top of the Empire State Building. The quality of these three prints is equal to those in the surrounding frames, all of which I had printed from an online company (though the ones on the right were A's Christmas gift to me & her Dad) and it makes me ridiculously happy to be able to print whatever I need and get them framed & up on the wall straight away.

I love seeing our memories smiling back at us from the frames, snapshots of the kids as babies and toddlers, newborns in car-seats waiting to go home for the first time and small children laughing and playing at the zoo, or on the field playing sports. I have a zillion wall gallery inspiration pins on my 'Ideas for the Home' board on Pinterest - at last my own will soon be complete. I still have more frames to go up, and have interspersed the collage frames with single photos and a nice wooden plaque with a quote, but I am so much closer to getting it finished now I am able to print at home.

 We received a complimentary printer for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are our own.

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