Mama OWL Blog: Num Noms Num Noms - So Delicious! Crazy Creations in the Kitchen

Num Noms Num Noms - So Delicious! Crazy Creations in the Kitchen

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Having teens and tweens who are constantly hungry and raiding the cupboards looking for food (no matter how recently they have been fed) and a wee one who is backwards & forwards to Gymnastics training and always on the go, I am keen to get the kids in the kitchen and encourage them to be creative with their meals... Hopefully one day they will find something that actually fills them up, though I won't hold my breath.
E (7) and I love a good cooking and baking session and the latest Num Noms series has inspired us to come up with our own Crazy Creations, combining our favourite flavours into tasty treats - with their mix and match lunch box packs, kids can dream up all sorts of wacky combos and create sweet, scented recipes using the outer 'Nums' and inner 'Noms' (scented stamps and erasers) - there are 85+ to collect in Series 3 alone! We are all about the snacks in this house, trying to keep hungry tummies satisfied between meals is no mean feat. One of our favourite snacks is rice cakes, because you can use them as a base for a whole range of delicious combinations both sweet and savoury.
For me - the combo of peanut butter topped with sliced banana & a drizzle of honey is a pre-dinner winner and stops me from reaching for the crisps between meals. E's favourite is chocolate & hazelnut spread, with a sprinkle of marshmallows if she makes it herself! Another tasty topping for rice cakes (and something a bit more virtuous) is mashed avocado layered with slices of tomato, or a light spread of cream cheese with chives and sliced cucumber.
What are your favourite crazy creations in the kitchen, or snack ideas for hungry kids? I'd love to hear your suggestions! Feel free to share them in a comment.

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