Saturday, 26 September 2020

Moving Swiftly On...

I can't believe it has been over 3 years since I wrote in this blog. So much has changed for us, but also stayed the same. The children aren't all children anymore but these amazing and determined young adults making their own way in the world, facing new challenges that even I couldn't have foreseen - I certainly never imagined raising kids during a global pandemic nor did I think we'd have to navigate through things such as lockdown, home educating, and furlough, use face coverings and douse ourselves in hand sanitiser every 20 minutes. What a weird world we live in right now.

I think one thing that has become apparent throughout this is that I haven't taken enough time for myself in recent years, and I have been pouring from an empty cup. From being so fit and healthy three years ago to where I was at the beginning of this year was a huge contrast, so I have made efforts to make myself a priority again and I feel so much better for it. In May a neighbour took a photo of me on my doorstep at our VE Day street party and it really hit home how much weight I had gained and how unhappy I was with my body. You can see it on my face and in how I am standing, I look miserable. It was then that I began to join in with PE with Joe Wicks five days a week, and start following a sensible diet and since that day 17 weeks ago I have lost 48lb and I feel GREAT. I feel like me again. Happier, more confident, healthier.

My eldest is now 22 and has completed her degree with a 2:1 after studying and working hard throughout lockdown, and she is now living back in our neck of the woods, though not at home with us, but close enough that she can pop in to take my flour and raid my pantry for snacks. She's just started her new job and has a new partner and everything is really positive. We also love having her nearby again, it has been a long four years without her.

J is 19, has completed his college studies and earned his coaching qualifications as well as his NPLQ. After sitting his last exam in 2019, his dad and I picked him up from college and took him straight to the airport and off he went to the USA for three months with Camp America for the adventure of a lifetime. On his return he bagged a great full time job at a local leisure centre, he too has a new partner, and he's happy and making plans for the future.

L just turned 17 last month. He has now started his second year of college studies and has also just got himself a new job, as a kitchen porter in a local pub. We have been helping him look for employment since he left school and unfortunately until now we have been unsuccessful - I don't want to say it is because of the disclosure of his Autism, but... We all know how things are. Thankfully a local company has finally given him a chance and he is enjoying learning to be independent, working just two shifts a week around his college studies, and earning his own money, which he is saving up (though he doesn't know what for yet!).

H is on the brink of 15, has just begun Year 10 at secondary school and still living and breathing everything rugby. During lockdown he worked hard to maintain his fitness and took it upon himself to run for local charity The Bath Rugby Foundation by running the distance between his own rugby club and Twickenham - an impressive 89 miles (143.23km). He managed to raise an amazing £530 for BRF, who help vulnerable children and young people to succeed using the core values of rugby. We are so proud of him.

Last but by no means least, we have celebrated a whole decade of E who turned 10 in April. A peak lockdown birthday was not ideal but we made it special for her with the help of family and friends who sent cards and gifts, and recorded special birthday messages for her which she watched when she woke up. She's still working hard at gymnastics, and has just had a successful trial with TeamGym at her club so as of next week she will be training with them as well as her own WAG squad. I love her determination and how motivated she is, I'm looking forward to watching her in action once competitions resume next year.

As part of my plan to make more time for myself I will be back here on my blog. Writing, sharing, thinking out loud, helping to make sense of things by "putting pen to paper" and helping to quieten the noise in my head. Writing is very therapeutic to me, so if you want to come along and read then please do, I'm just hoping it'll help me find a bit of peace.

A lot of my previous posts are about parenting and young kids and toys etc, and while I will definitely be talking about our family life and things we do, see, and buy the focus will be naturally shifting as the children are growing up. Lifestyle, home, experiences. I look forward to sharing it with you again.


  1. Welcome back to the world of blogging! I was thrilled to see you ping into my inbox. Great to hear an update on where you all are. Let's hope the situation out there in the world improves soon. Xxx

  2. Gosh, the kids are so grown up! Wow. Im so glad youre feeling more confident and healthier and that you're all well.well done on the weightloss, amazing!! I miss Reading your blog. I sent a friend request on FB (sarah lev***) but I suspect you didn't realise it was me lol. Anyway, im currently 30 weeks pregnant (and 35 years old lol!) Its hard work this time lol. I should update my blog sometime, maybe. Its good to see you updating again. xx sarah
    Http://mum (or amour de bebe lol)


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