Mama OWL Blog: 5 Top Tips for a great Summer with Camp America

5 Top Tips for a great Summer with Camp America

Tuesday, 29 September 2020

J had the summer of a lifetime at KSA last year, lots of people ask us about his personal experience of Camp America and if he has any advice for making it a fun and memorable time, and so he shared his top 5 tips to make things a little easier, to save money, and to stay safe.


Consider taking backpack style luggage rather than a suitcase if you plan to travel afterwards, or at least make sure you have a sturdy suitcase with wheels. J had a wheeled suitcase and it was perfect for camp, but it got a bit bashed and battered after enduring a whopping 11 flights and 2 bus journeys during the 3 months he was away.


Take a fully stocked First Aid kit with you. You probably won't need it during your time at camp because they usually have a nurse as well as anything you might need and they will take good care of you, but once you head out on your own it makes sense to have your own supplies. We recommend packing the following items in your kit;

- Paracetamol/Ibuprofen
- Nail Scissors & Clippers
- Tweezers
- Mosquito Repellent
- Plasters/Bandaids
- Sudocrem
- Antiseptic Cream
- Antihistamine Cream & Tablets
- Anti-diarrhoea Tablets
- Hand Sanitiser


Try to plan ahead as much as possible by making an itinerary to avoid overspending on flights and buses. You can also save money by planning your route and looking for deals, and booking flights with a stop off can save you even more. J flew from Los Angeles to New York with a brief stop in Arkansas and saved over $200 on that one flight alone.


When looking at accommodation such as AirBnB, be very careful to check the area in which it is located before you book. Don't just rely on reviews, google it and see what people have to say. There are some very scary places in the USA... Be careful! You also need to make sure that your AirBnB host is genuine and everything is all above board before handing over your payment details.


Get a USA sim to put in your phone while you are stateside (Camp America can help you with this), or find out what your UK service provider can do for you contract wise before you leave. It's important to have this ready for when you arrive to keep in touch with your family, and in case you need to reach anyone from Camp America. CA have a dedicated team and number to help you out while you are in the USA so make sure you have it stored in your phone.

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