Mama OWL Blog: How to make a Christmas Hot Chocolate Station

How to make a Christmas Hot Chocolate Station

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

As Autumn creeps in you might be inclined to enjoy cosy evenings in, candles burning with festive scents while you're snuggled under blankets on the sofa. Today is particularly wet and miserable and it has me thinking about big steaming mugs full of rich hot chocolate & marshmallows, and how I plan to be buried underneath my fluffy teddy fleece throw in front of a family movie later (I'm very eager to see the new Mulan film).

I have always loved the idea of creating a hot chocolate station in the kitchen for the kids to help themselves to as we approach Christmas and after trawling the internet and Pinterest I have found some great inspiration for building ours. I realise it is only mid October, however this year after so many things have been cancelled I really want to give everyone something special to look forward to, so having a little stand with Santa and a Snowman on it for a few extra weeks is just something little to remind them that it's not going to be this way forever, and nice things are coming their way.

I started my search in Poundland, because, well it's Poundland why wouldn't you? I found a little Snowman Tealight Holder which I thought was cute, and I already have some flameless flickering LED tealights, for safety. In my sundae dish (that I already had - I recommend having a rummage through your cupboards to see what you can use before you buy anything else) I have some tiny long life Carnation mini milk pots, they come in packs of 20 for £1 each and are great for making tasty creamy drinks.

On the top tier I have a Santa Mug from Poundland, which I have filled with Festive Stirring Spoons, or I may use them to make our own chocolate spoons closer to Christmas - these were £4.99 for 8 spoons from a seller on Amazon and would make nice gifts if you wanted to make your own hot chocolate stirrers, just top them off with marshmallows & wrap in a cello bag with a bow or some string. Next to Santa in a repurposed candle jar I have Candy Canes for stirring with, to give a little peppermint twist - they come in packs of 12 for £1.

The small clear clip-top lidded jars were £1 each from B&M and are the perfect size for marshmallows and small chocolate treats for stirring in to drinks (or to eat while you're waiting for the kettle to boil...), we've also filled one with some chocolate wafer straws - £1.99 for a box from B&M. I have a jar of regular small pink and white marshmallows that you can pick up in just about any supermarket, and one for vegan marshmallows from Freedom for my eldest daughter, and also my niece and great-niece when they come to visit - these are available in ASDA and Holland & Barrett (and probably elsewhere too). We have some Cadbury's hot chocolate powder as it is our favourite, alongside the Sweet Freedom Liquid Choc Shot which is vegan, and I also plan to add some fun flavoured sachets from Options and the like.

I bought some biodegradable paper straws in fun festive gold, white and red, and the tube was £5.49 for 100 straws. The stand is a two tier slate cake stand, which can also double up as a cheeseboard for when we are allowed to entertain at home again. It was £15.99 from Amazon and is the ideal size for all of our bits & pieces. The only thing we can't add is the squirty cream which no hot chocolate is complete without - that's in the fridge chilling and ready to go! Roll on the festive season - I'm so ready!

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  1. Aww, I love this, I especially love the snowman tealight holder. Lovely post! Xx


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